Adrianna Jonovic

Adrianna Jonovic
Portrayed by Angela Sarafyan
Name Adrianna Jonovic
First appearance Ladies in Red
Status Alive
Last appearance Ladies in Red
Profession Dancer and model
Family Jason Sands (fiance) †

Adrianna Jonovic appears in Ladies in Red. She is the fiance of the murder victim Jason Sands. She says they were engaged to be married and that Jennifer knew Sands was leaving her. She adds that she had been searching the boat for the $10 million in diamonds Sands had bought a month ago for the two of them to run away with. She adds that if Sands hadnt been killed she, Julie and Sands would have already be gone. In exchange for dropping the burglary charge Adrianna gives the name of the guys she says killed Sands, two nightclub owners, Dieter and Carter, from Oakland who had been having Sands launder their drug and prostitution money.

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