Alexa Shultz

Portrayed by Polly Walker
Name Alexa Shultz
First appearance The Crimson Ticket
Status Alive
Last appearance Red Dawn (flashback)
Profession FBI Regional Director

Alexa Shultz is the federal agent who is first seen in season five of the Mentalist . She takes over Susan Darcy's duty who was forced to retire after the FBI sting operation to catch Red John went awry, leading to the death of the CBI agent Luther Wainwright.

Despite seeming competent, Alexa Shultz is hostile and uncomfortable toward the CBI Chief Gale Bertram when he confronts her about Lorelei's custody. Bertram was hoping to keep the FBI operation botched by Darcy from the public. Alexa revealed that Susan Darcy was off the case and is suffering from a mental breakdown. They later agreed to join effort with the CBI to solve the murder case of the season five opener.

Later, during the episode, Alexa Shultz and her men were close to taking over Lorelei's custody during the hearing with the judge. However, Patrick Jane conned the judge by framing Mancini by slipping some sort of red bead used by Red John inside his pocket. Jane somehow convinced the judge that no one was near Mancini, even though no one was actually paying any attention to where he was throughout the proceedings, and oddly there is no security camera in this one jury room. Lisbon, Bertram, Shultz and Smith were witnesses to this obvious trick. Angered, Mancini loses control of and yells at Jane, which caused Shultz to lose custody over Lorelei.

Shultz appeared in the episode Red Dawn where she asked Virgil Minelli to keep her in the loop about Red John's case, emphasizing that Patrick Jane is someone who spent a year in an insane asylum. She is later seen with Robert Kirkland inside the limosine who thanks her for the service.

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Five R - - - R - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - N/A 2
Total 2


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