Ashley Gable

Ashley Gable is a television writer who served as the executive producer of The Mentalist for its first four seasons. She left the show after four years and now is currently a consulting producer on "Vegas", a show slated for a CBS fall line-up.

Ashley Gable started her writing career back in 1996 when she was hired to work on Buffy, The Vampire Slayer in its first season. She wrote two out of the twelve episodes that were aired. Some of her notable works include : The 2000's Invisible Man (I-Man), Strong Medecine, Crossing Jordan, The Devision. In 2008, she was hired to work alongside Rome's creator Burno Heller, on a brand new procedural drama that came to be known as The Mentalist.

Gable is best remembered as a writer who was the first to pen a "Red John-centric episode" entitled "His Red Right Hand". Before her, only Bruno Heller was credited to write Red John centric episodes since he was the showrunner. She also contributed to the two-parter finale "Strawberries and Cream" which she co-wrote with Heller. Gable's first work as the Mentalist's writer was "The Red Tide" whose early draft dated back August 2008. Her last screenplay/episode was "So Long, And Thanks for All the Red Snapper".

She will be deeply missed.

Episodes WrittenEdit

Ashley Gable has written a total of 12 episodes over four seasons.

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