Benjamin Marx

Benjamin Marx
Portrayed by Aaron Lohr
Name Benjamin Marx
First appearance Red Rover, Red Rover
Status Deceased
Last appearance Red Rover, Red Rover
Red Listed (corpse)
Profession Financial broker and consultant
Family Unknown

Benjamin "Ben" Marx was a financial broker and criminal who appears in Red Rover, Red Rover.

He worked at Dennis Victor's firm, where he was a financial broker. When his counterpart Antonio Castro indirectly discovered that Marx was stealing from the firm, Marx killed him by burying him alive. When the CBI investigates Castro's death, Jane is positive that Marx is the culprit. He therefore buries him alive and does not let him out until he confesses. This case led to Jane's firing from CBI, and the reason why Lorelei Martins was introduced.

Spoiler Warning! You will find spoiler information about the series sixth episode so please continue at your own risk.

At the end of season 5, Jane was worried about security at CBI while working on his list of Red John suspects. He therefore created a fake list. Marx's name was on it, along with another season 4 character, Richard Haibach. Homeland Security Agent Bob Kirkland gets his hands on the list, willing to kill each of the men in order to avenge his brother.

In Red Listed, Marx is found dead, with his face burned off. He was on bail at the time of his abduction, and Bob Kirkland got to him. Although the FBI initially believed that Jane killed Marx, Bob Kirkland's arrest proved them wrong. Kirkland was shot to death by Reede Smith at the end of the episode.

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