Benjamin Rigsby

Benjamin Rigsby
Portrayed by Unknown
Name Benjamin Rigsby
First appearance Blood Feud
Status Alive
Last appearance White as the Driven Snow
Profession None
Family Wayne Rigsby (father)
Sarah Harrigan (mother)
Grace Van Pelt (step-mother)
Madeline Rigsby (half-sister)
Steve Rigsby † (grandfather)

Benjamin "Ben" Rigsby is the son of Wayne Rigsby and Sarah Harrigan. He has appeared twice throughout the series, in seasons 5 and 6, although having been born in season 4.

Character BackgroundEdit

Halfway through season 4, Harrigan announces she is pregnant to Rigsby. Although he wasn't truly in love with her, he wanted his child to have two parents. Therefore,he proposed to her, but he was ultimately rejected. In Something's Rotten in Redmund, Harrigan gives birth off-screen to baby Rigsby, whom they name Benjamin. 

After the events of The Crimson Hat, in which Rigsby faked his death in order to trap Red John, which ultimately didn't work, she left him. Ben's first appearance is in Blood Feud, when his grandfather is murdered.

He then reappears in Wedding in Red. He is seen in the beginning of the episode in Rigsby's place. After the wedding of his father and Van Pelt, he has a new stepmom.

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