Brother David

Brother David2
Portrayed by Steven Hack
Name Brother David
First appearance Red All Over
Status Alive
Last appearance The Blood On His Hands
Profession Visualize member
Family Unnamed mother
"I would recommend our immersive Visualization program for you, as a matter of urgency."
―Brother David[bron]

Brother David is a Visualize member who first appears in Red All Over, when he assesses Jane for inner vision and tries to recruit him into the cult. (In this episode, the character is credited as "David". When he returns in Season 3, his character is credited as "Brother David".)

In The Blood On His Hands, when Jane and the detectives return to the Visualize headquarters to investigate the death of Visualize member Celia Jovanovich, Brother David also begins to try and recruit Agent Cho to "the path to spiritual clarity and personal freedom."


  • When the Visualize compound is first introduced in Season 2, the Visualize members wear polo shirts of different colors. Brother David's shirt is a purple-blue. In Season 3, all the Visualize members are in light turquoise-blue polo shirts on which the Visualize logo now appears.

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