Description Edit

The CBI HQ is based in Sacramento, CA and is a state level law enforcement agency.

It appears to be a converted warehouse due to it's exposed brickwork, wooden doors and brick staircases.


Front view of the CBI HQ in Sacramento

Building layout and rooms Edit

Lisbon's office Edit

Overlooks the bullpen and where Lisbon works as a senior agent.

Bosco's officeEdit

Is, seemingly, on a different floor to Lisbon's team and where Sam Bosco works as a senior agent. This is also where he is fatally shot and two of his team members are murdered. 

Bullpen Edit

Is the space where Lisbon's team: Jane, Van Pelt, Rigsby and Cho (and other CBI staff) work. It is also where Jane sleeps sometimes, on his brown, leather sofa. It is cornered off by glass panels, separating it from the rest of the room.

In season six, Lisbon has a dream where her team is killed by numerous Red John suspects.

Kitchen Edit

Is across the hall from the bullpen and where Jane goes to make tea. Agent Sam Bosco steals Lisbon's meatball sub in season two.

Jane's loft Edit

A room on top of the building where Jane sometimes sleeps. He also conducts most of his investigation on Red John there in season five.

Interrogation roomsEdit

Are on the same floor as Lisbon's office and the bullpen. It is used to question witnesses and suspects, including Red John accomplices and Blake Association members. 

Holding cells Edit

Consist of two cells and are downstairs from where Lisbon's team works, presumably on the lowest floor. In season two, a CBI employee and Red John accomplice was poisoned outside the holding cells by a police officer. There was a fire in the end cell in season three; detainee and cop killer Todd Johnson was killed.

Underground car park Edit

Though rarely seen, in season three Jane hides a suspected Red John accomplice in the back of LaRoche's car. In season six, Lisbon's team hide out there after the CBI is shuttered.


Seemingly serves as a cafe for the CBI staff. Lisbon and Jane are seen eating there a few times. Cho and Rigsby also order coffee there in the season three finale

Gym Edit

Jane mentions that there is a gym at the CBI in "Scarlet Ribbons" and that he has a locker there. It is never shown during the series.

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