Carter Peak

Portrayed by Casey Pieretti
Name Carter Peak
First appearance His Red Right Hand (flashback)
Status Deceased
Last appearance His Red Right Hand
Profession Former Marine
Family Janet Peak (wife) †

Carter Peak is the first male victim of Red John, killed along with his wife Janet Peak in their house's laundry room. According to Patrick Jane, Carter was not supposed to be murdered by Red John. However, Carter stumbles onto the killer stabbing his wife, and lunges at him. However, Carter is overpowered by the killer and stabbed to death, too.

His body was later buried under concrete presumably to hide evidence on the body which might lead to Red John. Jane believes that since Carter Peak was one of the first victims and probably an unintended one that Red John made a mistake which he is trying to eleminate.

As far as his background is concerned, Mr. Peak was a former solider who lost his leg during the battelfield in Gulf War. The fact of being an amputee played against him which caused Red John to outpower him before dispatching him to death.

In 2009 RJ killed the Peak's doctor, Towlen Morning, and hid his body.  He then murdered Sam Bosco and his team, with the help of his accomplice Rebecca.

Morning could have something to do with Red John (he's on a list of suspects by Jane in Black Cherry). Jane probably met Morning several years ago. He's marked as "Deceased?" in the list even though he was clearly proven dead in His Red Right Hand. It could be referring to the Peaks or Carter himself, but all are almost positively dead.

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