Charles Milk

Charles Milk
Portrayed by Matt Baker
Name Charles Milk
First appearance If It Bleeds, It Leads
Status Deceased
Last appearance Little Red Corvette (flashback)
Profession Assassin
Family Unknown

Charles Milk was Tommy Volker's personal assassin and a sociopathic serial killer who loved killing his victims as much as Volker liked watching his victims die.

Biography Edit

Milk's life prior to his employment by Volker is largely unknown. He was born on July 20th, 1971 and had no criminal background. In 2007 he killed one of his woman neighbors for unknown reasons and staged the crime scene to look like a suicide. He then began working for Volker as a "regional consultant" for Mount Suarez Inc. at some unknown point and helped him commit several murders on his behalf. It is possible he took part in the massacre of the Amazon villagers, but his exact involvement is unknown.

Later in "If It Bleeds, It Leads" (S05E07), Milk drives up right after a car accident causes a local reporter named Cassie Floods to crash, and Milk screamed for somebody to call 911 while he checked on her. In the car, he suffocated her to death and stole her computer with all the incriminating information on Volker on it. He is later seen strangling Volker's assistant, Amanda Shaw, to death for trying to sell Volker out to the authorities. He then copies the MO of his neighbor and stages the scene as a suicide and even types a letter suggesting that it's Lisbon's fault.

This doesn't fool Lisbon and in "Days Of Wine And Roses" (S05E11), Lisbon proved that Amanda's death was murder and got Patricia Davis to sign a warrant revealing Milk's name and putting him on Lisbon's radar. She eventually gets another warrant from Judge Manchester and goes to search Milk's house, when Tommy Volker has Milk killed in a drive-by shooting claiming the lives of two innocent civilians in the process.

In the episode "Little Red Corvette" (S05E12), Milk is shown in a two-months-ago flashback scene, killing his first known victim, Horatio Jones (an employee of Tommy Volker who was going to go public with the unethical actions Volker had committed). Milk, along with Donald Clyde, takes Jones to an abandoned factory and Milk strangles him to death with Volker watching him suffer. After Volker left, Clyde and Milk saw a child (Marvin Pettigrew) hiding in the corner and Milk instructed Clyde to kill the kid but unbeknownst to Milk, Clyde didn't and instead hid Pettigrew, not wanting to take the life of a child.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2007: Unnamed woman neighbor (Strangled to death and staged to look like a suicide)
  • 2012:
    • Horatio Jones (flashback scene in Little Red Corvette, S05E12. Strangled to death with the help of Clyde while Volker watched)
    • Cassandra Floods (If It Bleeds, It Leads, S05E07. Volker had Ed Hunt cut her brakes, when Floods was still alive after her car crashed, Milk suffocated her to death at the accident scene)
    • Amanda Shaw (If It Bleeds, It Leads, S205E07. Secretary to Volker who tipped Lisbon off that Volker was the one who had Cassandra Floods murdered. Milk strangled Shaw to death while Volker watched. Milk then staged Shaw's body to make it appear as a suicide)

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