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Charlotte Anne Jane

Portrayed by Isabella Acres (child)
Dove Cameron (teenager, as Jane's hallucination)
Name Charlotte Anne Jane
First appearance Redwood (flashback)
Status Deceased
Last appearance Devil's Cherry (Hallucination)
Profession None
Family Father: Patrick Jane
Mother: Angela Ruskin Jane
Uncle: Danny Ruskin
Grandfather: Alex Jane

Charlotte Anne Jane was the daughter of Angela Ruskin Jane and Patrick Jane. Both she and her mother were murdered by Red John and it is her father's sole purpose to exact his revenge on her murderer. Charlotte is portrayed by Isabella Acres and Dove Cameron (Charlotte Anne Jane as a teenager in season 5 because of Patrick Jane's hallucinations).


Before her murder, Charlotte showed signs of being a talented pianist.

Red John said, when questioned in the season finale of season three, that Charlotte "smelt of strawberries and cream" before he murdered her.

Every night, before Jane would tuck her into bed he would tell her, "You are safe, you are loved, and you are wise."

Charlotte's three names, Charlotte, Anne and Jane, all have something to do with the Bronte sisters. Charlotte's the name of the oldest sister, Anne was the youngest sister, and Jane the first name of Charlotte's most famous protagonist, Jane Eyre. The name might also allude to the word "charlatan," given her father's profession while she was still alive.

In the season 5 episode Devil's Cherry, Jane drinks an herbal tea and has hallucinations because of it. One of this hallucinations is his now-teenage daughter Charlotte at the age she would have been if she hadn't died. At the end of the episode, she tells Jane that she and her mother don't care what happens to Red John. She tells him he needs to accept the fact that they're gone.


Dove Cameron as teenage Charlotte.

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