Concetta Wale

Concetta Wale
Portrayed by Stacy Edwards
Name Concetta Wale
First appearance Cackle-bladder Blood
Status Alive (arrested)
Family Landon Wale (husband; deceased)
Concetta Wale appeared in "Cackle-bladder Blood."

Concetta Wale is the widow of Landon Wale, as well as his killer. She found out that Landon was cheating on her with his assistant, and after noticing that the Aphrodite statue was gone, Concetta (thinking that Landon was planning to give the statue to his mistress) followed Landon to his office, where she shot and killed him and took the statue back.

In actuality, Landon was being scammed by Daniel Ruskin, Patrick Jane's brother-in-law, into giving him the statue. Concetta was tricked by Jane and Ruskin into revealing herself as Landon's killer and having possession of the statue, doing so by having Ruskin pretend to kill Jane.

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