Danitra Cass

Danitra Cass
Portrayed by Garcelle Beauvais
Name Danitra Cass
First appearance The Greybar Hotel
Status Alive
Last appearance Orange Blossom Ice Cream
Profession CIA Agent
Family Unknown

Danitra Cass is a CIA agent who temporarily works with Dennis Abbott's team at FBI Austin Office in Season 7.


She is seen walking out of the elevator with Abbott and checks on Agent Teresa Lisbon's progress on the undercover operation to catch a gang of car thieves. He demands to know why this is worth Lisbon's safety and she explains that the leader of the gang, Cole Foster sells the cars he steals overseas, to people who smuggle other things: guns, bombs, drugs. The CIA plans to turn Cole into an informant so he will give up the names of people involved in the smuggling network to help prevent a future attack on U.S. soil. While Abbott still disapproves of putting Lisbon in danger but agrees to keep it in play. When the car thieves are caught Cole reveals the names of his contacts and one of them turns out to be the boyfriend of a murderer on the run, Erica Flynn.

Danitra later briefs Abbott, Jane and Lisbon on Erica's boyfriend, Jan Nemic and all the terrorist attacks he was involved in. After the briefing Abbott formally introduces Jane and Lisbon to Cass and explains that she is CIA. She then tells Jane that Erica is willing to help if she is granted amnesty from her crimes and works exclusively with Jane. Cass wonders why she is asking for Jane and he explains the connection to her husband's murder case and her eventual escape. Cass goes on to explain that Nemic smuggles explosives for terrorist groups and they need someone to go undercover as Nemic's new courier after the last one died mysteriously. Eventually they manage to find passports related to the attack and have enough to arrest Nemic and find the name of the terrorist organization that hired him.


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