Danny Ruskin

Portrayed by Kevin Rankin
Name Daniel Ruskin
First appearance Cackle-bladder Blood
Status Alive
Last appearance Cackle-bladder Blood
Profession Con Man
Carnival worker (formerly)
Family Sister: Angela Ruskin Jane
Niece: Charlotte Anne Jane
Brother-in-law: Patrick Jane

Daniel "Danny" Ruskin is Patrick Jane's brother-in-law. He grew up working in the same carnival as Jane and his father and later became a con man.

Danny is the younger brother (by several years) of Angela, Jane's deceased wife. Danny has a lot of animosity toward Jane: First, for taking Angela out of his life when the two of them ran off together; and second, for getting her and Charlotte killed by taunting Red John on television, which led to them being murdered by Red John.

Danny appears in the third-season episode "Cackle-bladder Blood". One of Danny's "marks" is murdered, and Danny becomes entangled in the resulting CBI investigation.



Danny and Patrick at Jane's family graves.

The surname Ruskin has the same meaning of Roy, alias of Red John: "red-haired one".

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