Portrayed by Kelvin Han Yee
Name Davis
First appearance Pilot
Status Alive
Last appearance The Crimson Ticket
Profession Former talk host
Family Unknown

Davis is a character that appeared on The Mentalist.

In the Pilot episode, Davis, along with his co-host, Kelly host the Los Angeles Morning Talk Show. Their hosting of psychic medium Patrick Jane , followed by Jane's "slanderous" comments, are what prompt serial killer, Red John to kill Jane's family. Jane tells Davis,

"Well, Davis, true demonic evil burns like fire. It burns with a terrible cold, dark flame. I force myself to look into that flame, and I see an image of the evil-doer. In this case, Red John. He's an ugly, tormented little man; a lonely soul. Sad. Very sad."

Unlike his doing so with Patrick, Red John did not kill Davis for speaking about him on television, however Kelly's status is unsure. In The Crimson Ticket, we again see Davis reading lottery numbers on the television.


The actor who played Davis reappear in The Crimson Ticket and is credited as Emcee.

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