Donald "Donny" Culpepper

Donald Culpepper TheMentalist
Portrayed by David Warshofsky
Name Donald Culppeper
First appearance A Price Above Rubies
Status Alive
Last appearance Redacted
Grey Water (picture)
Profession Thief
Family Unnamed wife
Donald "Donny" Culpepper is a professional thief who first comes into contact with the CBI as a suspect in a case that involved a thief critically wounding a wealthy jewelry the store owner. He is implicated in several murders but the police are never able to tie him to the crimes. He is proven innocent but didn't like Patrick Jane's rude insults. The two apparently reconciled later as Patrick Jane hired him to steal the suspect list for the CBI mole from J.J. LaRoche's home. He was caught and brought in. He threatened Jane to drop the charges or he would tell everyone that Jane was the one who hired him. Teresa Lisbon gets the charges dropped by punching him in his nose. He later sold the information about LaRoche's Tupperware container to Brenda Shettrick. He later gets married and relocates to Venezuela a year before Grey Water.

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