Dr. Montague

Portrayed by Linda Park
Name Dr. Montague
First appearance Bloodhounds
Status Alive
Last appearance Bloodhounds
Profession FBI Behavioural Analyst
Family Unknown

Dr. Montague is a behavior analyst from the FBI's BAU, who joins the CBI as a consultant in the twelfth episode of Season 3. Some murders indicated that the culprit is a serial killer called "The Caveman". So she is called to help with that case. Also, Dr. Montague's analytical way of looking at things does not sit well with Jane. Rigsby had a crush on her and asked her out on a date Jane encouraged him to do. But she didn't think that they could start a relationship because of him having difficult feelings. And after the murder case is finished and she was proved to be wrong that the killer is not "The Caveman" she leaves after giving Jane her analysis of Red John. Jane initially tosses it, but immediately digs into the garbage to reclaim it.

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