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Ellis Mars

Portrayed by John Billingsley
Name Ellis Mars
First appearance Red Moon
Status Alive
Last appearance Red Moon
Profession Fake psychic/astrologist/clairvoyant
Family Unknown
"I forgive your brusqueness. I can tell that you have been visited by great tragedy."
―Ellis Mars to Patrick Jane[bron]

Ellis Mars is a character in Red Moon.

He's a pretend psychic, clairvoyant and astrologist. Mars is, in fact, a con-man, but helps Patrick Jane, CBI, and police in the case of a serial killer they reveal as Todd Johnson, one of Red John's friends. Jane uses him as a trap for Johnson.    

Mars in Red John suspectsEdit

See also: Red John Theories#Ellis Mars.

Ellis Mars is a suspect to be Red John and appears in Jane's List of Suspects.

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