Frank Lopez

[[Image:|Frank Lopez|200px]]
Portrayed by Valente Rodriguez
Name Frank Lopez
First appearance Bloodsport
Status Alive
Last appearance Scarlet Ribbons
Profession Criminal

Frank Lopez is a criminal that has appeared in two episodes.


Frank first appeared in Bloodsport when he is questioned and suspected of killing a reporter named Charlotte Mitchell when the gun used to kill her is traced back to him. When Cho and Rigsby approached him and told him who they were he commented that he has never been interviewed by them before and sent his men away to talk with them. He told them about the gun and how he lost it at a club called Narcissus and gives them his alibi for the murder. He is eventually cleared after the real killer is caught.

He is later seen in Scarlet Ribbons while imprisoned for an unknown crime while Patrick awaits trial for killing Timothy Carter. He tells Jane the price for entering their poker game to win his bail money and later lets him in. He later witnesses Jane trick another inmate with a fake tell and laughs in his face.

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