Gabe Nyland

Gabe Nyland
Portrayed by Michael Rodrick
Name Gabe Nyland
First appearance Rose-Colored Glasses
Status Alive
Last appearance Rose-Colored Glasses
Profession Attorney, politician
Family Tess (daughter)

Gabe Nyland appears in Rose-Colored Glasses.

He's a politician and San Diego County D.A.  He arrives for the reunion at Rancho Rosa High School a day early. Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane go to his hotel to pay him a visit to ask some questions on the double murders of the episode.  He’s acting a bit shifty and won’t open his bedroom door for them, so Jane does it for him. Jane reveals that Tess, a current student of Rancho Rosa who is in Nyland's room, is Gabe’s illegitimate daughter, born a few weeks before he graduated from high school. Lisbon remarks that Nyland works with Sacramento's CBI on some cases. He is also a candidate for lieutenant governor in California.

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