Hazel Haibach

Hazel Haibach
Portrayed by Lisa Darr
Name Hazel Haibach
First appearance White as the Driven Snow
Status Alive (Arrested)
Last appearance White as the Driven Snow
Family Richard Haibach (brother)

Hazel Haibach is the sister of Richard Haibach. She was his accomplice in the targeting of old CBI members.

Victims Edit

The following were targeted by Hazel Haibach

  • Oscar Ardiles (Stabbed in the chest repeatedly by Hazel)
  • J.J. LaRoche (Shot once in the chest with a shotgun rigged to a tripwire by Hazel)


  • Wayne Rigsby (Shot at by Hazel and shot once in the chest by her; survived)
  • Grace Van Pelt (Shot at by Hazel and later kidnapped; rescued)


  • She is a smoker.

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