John Hutten

Portrayed by Paul Schulze
Name John William Hutten
First appearance Not One Red Cent
Status Alive
Last appearance Grey Water
Profession Bank Robber
Family Jacquelyn Hutton (wife)

John William Hutten is a professional bank robber living in Sacramento. He was first arrested twice for grand theft auto and served eighteen months on Fulsom.

He first appears in "Not One Red Cent" where he and two accomplices rob the Sacramento Federal Bank where a murder occurs. He splits the loot with his partners, Jorge and Cesar Arroyo, and tells them he never wants to see them again. He is later revealed as the ringleader of this and three other robberies but always has different partners each time. He is later arrested in connection with the investigation and claims his innocence of the murder without revealing his part in the robbery. When the murder victim, Ernie Trask, is revealed to be Hutten's inside man the killer is discovered to be Ernie's fiancee thus clearing Hutten for murder. Unfortunately for him the fiancee spied on Ernie and found the secret e-mail account where they planned the robbery and Hutten is arrested for armed robbery and in exchange for a deal gives up all his partners in crime.

He reappeared in "Grey Water" as a suspect behind the killing of former CBI employees. Rigsby and Cho visit him when they learn he was paroled on work release. When they attempt to take him in for questioning they learn he is out helping the Hudson FBI Bank Robbery Task Force shut down local bank robbery rings. They then reveal he is wearing an ankle monitor which supposedly clears him. When they return they find him gone and his ankle monitor removed which puts him back in their suspect pool. They later find him in a hotel room with another woman and it turns out he hacked his ankle monitor to sleep with his girlfriend without his wife knowing which clears him of the murders once and for all.

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