Kira Tinsley

Portrayed by Beth Riesgraf
Name Kira Tinsley
First appearance The Red Tattoo
Status Deceased
Last appearance The Red Tattoo
Profession Private Investigator
Family Unknown

Kira Tinsley is a private detective that appears in the episode entitled, The Red Tattoo. She is hired to plant a listening device (bug, as it is referred to in the episode) under the desk of Kimball Cho. Jane and Cho eventually discover that she planted the bug and ask her who she was hired by. She refuses to tell them. After discussing the bug with her, Jane tricks her and plants the bug in her purse.

Later, Jane confronts Jason Cooper as he is leaving the CBI and asks him if he was the one that hired Tinsley to plant the bug. Cooper denies any knowledge of the bug. Jane appears to be worried and tells Lisbon to have Van Pelt track the bug to her house. Jane and Lisbon begin to rush to her house, with the help of Grace and Rigsby, whom are giving them directions over the phone. Meanwhile Cho is on the phone directing local police to the address.

Meanwhile, Kira is complaining about her cable guy over the phone, and is interupted by her doorbell. She opens the door and greets her employer, Red John. Red John stabs and chokes her, and by the time Jane gets to her house, Kira is being assisted by a local police officer trying to keep her responsive.  


Kira gives Jane the final clue he needs to catch Red John as she dies.

Jane asks her who did this to her. In her last dying breaths, Kira whispers to Jane that Red John has a tattoo of three dots on his left arm. It turns out to be the leverage Jane needed to catch Red John.

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