Lorelei's Enforcer

Portrayed by Kane Hodder
Name Unknown
First appearance The Crimson Hat
Status Deceased
Last appearance The Crimson Hat
Profession Driver; accomplice of Lorelei and Red John
Family Unknown
This Unnamed Enforcer was an accomplice of Lorelei Martins and by extension Red John. He drove Lorelei, in a limo, to a meeting between her and Patrick Jane, serving as her muscle. During the meeting, he beat up Jane after Lorelei confirmed to Jane that they knew he hadn't killed Teresa Lisbon; which was what Red John wanted Jane to do. He then put Jane in the passengers seat of Lorelei's limo, where Red John ordered Lorelei to cut off Jane's fingers; at the end of a conversation between Red John and Jane. He then proceeded to cut off Jane's fingers, however just as he was about to do this the authorities intervened. After vainly firing off a few rounds at the police, both he and Lorelei attempt to flee; only to be killed by gunfire from the FBI.

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