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M.C. Gainey

Biographical Information
Full Name Michael Connor Gainey
Birthdate January 18, 1948
Birthplace Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Years active 1963-present
Character Information
Character Pete Barsocky
Appearances Cackle-bladder Blood
Red John's Rules
Copper Bullet

M.C. Gainey is a Character actor who plays Pete Barsocky on The Mentalist. He appears in three episodes in three seasons, his distinctive mustache, 6'2" height, and threatening look have landed him supporting roles as Southern or Southwestern thugs and criminals. He is known for playing Swamp Thing in Con Air (with Nick Chinlund, John Marshall Jones, Fredric Lehne, Jeris Lee Poindexter, Emilio Rivera, etc) and for his roles in Lost (with Brett Cullen and Henry Ian Cusick) and Justified (with Nick Searcy and David Meunier).

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