Madeline Rigsby

Portrayed by Unknown
Name Madeline Rigsby
First appearance Golden Hammer
Status Alive
Last appearance White as the Driven Snow
Profession Unknown
Family Grace Van Pelt (Mother)
Wayne Rigsby (Father)
Benjamin Rigsby (Half Brother)
Amos Van Pelt (Maternal Grandfather)
Steve Rigsby (Paternal Grandfather)†
Unnamed Paternal Grandmother †

Madeline "Maddy" Rigsby is the infant daughter of Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt.

She is first mentioned in the sixth season episode My Blue Heaven. When their babysitter tells them that Maddy is running a fever, her parents cut short a social visit with Teresa Lisbon so they can go home to check on her. Wayne Rigsby tells Lisbon that Grace is particularly worried because Maddy is her first baby.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 8.17.24 pm

Maddy Rigsby

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