Michael Ridley

Portrayed by Titus Welliver
Name Michael Ridley
First appearance Brown Eyed Girls
Status Alive (Arrested)
Last appearance Black Hearts
Profession Human trafficker
Family Unknown

Michael Ridley is a wealthy owner and businessman, that actually is an evil criminal mastermind, who works in human traffic.

Ridley's personality, according Patrick Jane, is psychopathic and ruthless (similar to Tommy Volker).

He's the head of an organization that kidnapped girls for sold their as sex slaves or for killing in organs traffic.

Ridley was responsible for many murders of women, but also some his accomplices and workers.


The following were targeted by either Anthony Tremel, Alexander Lark, or Ramon on Ridley's orders

  • Fifteen unnamed women (Poisoned with Propofol by Lark and harvested their organs)
  • Leanne Cole (Shot once in the chest by Ramon then bled to death)
  • James O'Connor (Throat cut ear to ear by Tremel)
  • Ray and Ari Qasimi (Stabbed to death by Tremel)
  • Alexander Lark (attempted to blow up but failed, later coerced him to commit suicide by threatening his daughter)



  • Numerous unnamed women
  • Amy Welker


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Six - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G - G - N/A 2
Total 2

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