Milton Howard

Milton Howard
Portrayed by Ernie Grunwald
Name Milton R. Howard
First appearance Red Badge
Status Alive (Arrested)
Last appearance Red Badge
Profession Business manger
Family Unknown

Milton Howard appears in Red Badge. He's the leader of a syndicate that stole a hundred million dollars from the online accounts of thousands of people. After he stashed the money he killed his partner. CBI investigated and uncovered Howard's involvement with the murder and embezzlement and he was arrested for both by Teresa Lisbon without Jane's help.

Later he appears outside the courtroom where Teresa is next to testify where he claims his innocence. Milton is later revealed to have payed Roy Carmen and David Charles through one of his shell companies to frame her for the murder of a pedophile she locked away so he would go free at his trial. CBI eventually reveal the paper trail and he is arrested alongside Carmen for the murder.

Victims Edit

  • Unnamed partner (killed after stashing money they stole from thousands of people)
  • William McTier (indirectly: paid Roy Carmen and David Charles to kill him to frame Lisbon)