Noah Valiquette

Noah Valiquette
Portrayed by Dave Engfer
Name Noah Valiquette
First appearance 18-5-4
Status Deceased
Last appearance 18-5-4
Profession Mathematician
Family Daphne Valiquette (wife)
Rafe Valiquette (brother)

Noah Valiquette is the murder victim in 18-5-4. He was killed by his wife, Daphne Valiquette. He was a mathematical genius, with serious psychological issues, that prevented him from getting a teaching job, as he was unable to speak in public. He used his outstanding intellectual skills to foresee the results of sport events, probably using statistics. He designed a device that could break any codes, but refused to sell it due to ethical issues, as it could break into goverment and national security databases.

As Noah was terrorized by clowns the killer dressed as one, to hoard him into a deserted park and shoot him.

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