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Panama Red

Season Episode
5 10
First aired December 9, 2012
Written by Michael Weiss
Directed by Guy Ferland
Guest-starring Monique Gabriela Curnen, Samaire Armstrong, David Norona, Troy Ruptash, Nicole Bilderback, Susan Gibney, Paul David Story, Michael Whaley, Jack Laufer, James Jordan, Ross Mackenzie, Porter Kelly
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Black Cherry Days Of Wine And Roses

Panama Red is the tenth episode of fifth season of The Mentalist.


The death of a young botanist leads the team into the lucrative world of medical marijuana. Cho reencounters Summer Edgecombe. After a talk with Ardiles, Summer's charges are dropped. She thanks "Kimball" and introduces him to her husband. She considers him a "friend."


Lisbon finds a body hanging from the wall at Rock Climbing Gym, Clearlake. It is a single shot from the back, 9mm maybe. The victim's name is Jeremy Reese. Lisbon thinks it was a robbery and they should go to the victim's apartment. Meanwhile, Jane is not at the crime scene. He is still looking for Red John, now that he has a clue to his identity- that he has shaken hands with the serial killer- given to him by Lorelei Martins.


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  • The episode's title comes from , a popular strain of cannabis.
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