Pete Barsocky

Pete Barsocky
Portrayed by M.C. Gainey
Name Pete Barsocky
First appearance Cackle-bladder Blood
Status Alive
Last appearance Copper Bullet
Profession Circus worker
Family Samantha Barsocky (wife)
Roddy Turner (nephew)
Eileen "Leelee" Barlow Turner † (niece-in-law via Roddy)
Caitlin Turner (great-niece)

Unnamed Mrs. Turner (sister)

Pete Barsocky is a friend of Patrick Jane's from the old carny times. He is a circus worker and lives with his wife, Samantha Barsocky. They are usually seen living in a camper wandering from one place to another with the circus. He has appeared - along with his wife, Samantha - in three episodes so far, the Season 3 episode "Cackle-bladder Blood", the Season 5 episode "Red John's Rules" and the final season episode "Copper Bullet".

He and his wife are one of the few people who know Jane's past, they knew his wife and daughter so the audience can learn about things that happened in the past through their conversations.

When Pete Barsocky first appears in the episode Cackle-bladder Blood, he and his wife are introduced as two carnies whom Jane knows. They were interviewed by Jane and Lisbon when Jane's brother-in-law, Danny Ruskin is a suspect in murder case. When Jane meets them after so many years it brings up some memories for him about his wife and their leaving from the carny life which he discuss with Lisbon and later with the Barsockys and Danny Ruskin. At the very moment when Jane introduces Lisbon to the Barsockys they guess that she is a cop so they keep a distance from her but for Jane's sake they try to be kind to her. Pete even shows the circus's elephant to Lisbon until Jane has a word with Samantha. Later in this episode, when Danny Ruskin and Jane disappear and and an arrest warrant is issued against them Lisbon asks the Barsockys if they know about Jane's whereabouts. They say they don't but afterwards Pete drives away as he suspects where Jane and Danny are. Lisbon notices Pete's leaving and by stalking him she discovers where Jane and Danny are hiding. At this place Pete gets cuffed by Lisbon in order to prevent him from warning Danny.

Pete Barsocky's character returns in the fifth season finale, Red John's Rules. He and his wife have a more important role this time when Pete's nephew, Roddy Turner is suspected of having murdered his wife, Eileen "Leelee" Barlow-Turner. Also, as the murder happens, Eileen's baby girl, Caitlin Turner disappears. Pete leads Jane back into the cruel grasp of his father's old business parter, Sean Barlow. With both families - meaning the Turners and the Barlows - having a mutual hate for each other, they both blame the other's family for the murder and for the baby's disappearance. By the end of the episode, it is confirmed that Red John is actually the killer and he gave the baby to his accomplice who by the way works as a social worker, Miriam Gottlieb. Later Gottlieb commits suicide in police custody, and baby Caitlin gets returned to her father, Roddy and his family, the Barsockys by Teresa Lisbon.

He last appears in the episode Copper Bullet. He and Samantha help Abbott's Team to get through a plan which was made up by Jane. The plan aims to save the team's boss, Special Agent Dennis Abbott's work and freedom as he is accused and blackmailed by DEA Agent Bill Peterson for a murder he committed in the past. Pete and Samantha play roles in order to get the evidence of the crime - a bullet - from Peterson. The evidence later gets annihilated by Jane. During the episode Jane mentions to Pete that "he's seeing someone at the moment" meaning Lisbon. Pete remembers Lisbon and refers to her as a "pretty brunette cop". He approves of their relationship and advises Patrick to move on and take off his ring, saying that Angela - Patrick's deceased wife - would want him to.


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Total 3

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