Dr. Royston Daniel

Portrayed by Alastair Mackenzie
Name Royston Daniel
First appearance Russet Potatoes
Status Alive
Last appearance Russet Potatoes
Profession NLP expert
Family Unknown

Dr. Royston Daniel is a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) master and expert hypnotist. He was suspected in the murder of his assistant when her body was delivered by a hypnotized student of his. He appears in Russet Potatoes.


Royston Daniel was the boss of a victim, Mary Beth. CBI and Patrick Jane investigate on Daniel and his co-workers.

The victim's body was took in the CBI's office by a man who believe is a sack of potatoes. He was hypnotized. In truth the murder is Lindsay, the sister of Mary-Beth, because she's attracted by Daniel, but he love Mary-Beth.Lindsay hypnotize Wayne Rigsby. Rigsby walks into the center's empty auditorium. He finds Daniel - tied to his chair with Lindsay holding a gun on him. Flashback to when Rigsby went to ask Lindsay about her sister and Dr. Daniel.

Back in Daniel's office, he tries to get Rigsby to listen but Lindsay tapes his mouth shut. She yells at him for having ignored her. She loved him and thought if she got Mary Beth out of the way, he might notice her. They drag Daniel, tied to the chair, up onto the roof. Rigsby asks if she was in S.F. when her sister was killed. Yes, but she took a rental car, drove down, killed her sister and hypnotized Rick and Carl. She tells Rigsby that Daniel hurt her. He punches Daniel, as he did before at CBI.

And then Jane joins them on the roof. He put a tracking device on Rigsby in the park and followed it. Lindsay points out she has the gun. Jane has Lisbon, who pops out, gun drawn. Then Lindsay calls for Rick, who also appears out of the shadows with a gun drawn.

Jane tells Lisbon to listen to Lindsay and put down her gun. He's impressed with her. She says she wasn't the sparkling, vivacious one, Mary Beth was. Until she met Dr. Daniel and she realized she was good at getting people to do things. Jane, with his hands up, talks to her calmly, pointing out all the people there have to die. That's not control, that's madness. She's having a nervous breakdown and needs help, he says.

She mentions the nice sound of the ocean and tells Rigsby to take Jane for a swim. There is no ocean. It's over the side of the building to concrete. Rigsby gets Jane to the edge and both Lindsay and Jane try to get him to listen to them. Jane distracts Rigsby by suggesting there's a shark below. He sees Lindsay start to tap Rigsby on the shoulder and realizes that's the trigger. He taps Rigsby first and he snaps out of it. Lisbon takes the distraction as an opportunity to disarm Rick. Rigsby cuffs Lindsay as Jane tells him he was in a trance state. He doesn't believe it.

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