Scarlett Marquesa

Scarlet Marqueza
Portrayed by Uncredited
Name Scarlett Marquesa
First appearance Scarlett Fever
Status Deceased
Last appearance Scarlett Fever
Profession Jewelry seller
Drug dealer
Chairwoman of the women's committee at her local country club
Family Victor Marquesa (husband)
Oscar Marquesa (son)

Scarlett Marquesa is the first murder victim in Scarlett Fever.


Before DeathEdit

Scarlett was married to Victor, a wealthy real estate developer, and they had a son named Oscar. Scarlett was the chairwoman of the women's committee at her local country club, and created handmade jewelry as a hobby/side-job.

Because of the local economic downturn, Scarlett turned to secretly selling drugs, which she bought a from drug dealer who called himself "Digger," who also claimed that Scarlett was one of his best customers.

Scarlett was determined to keep up appearances and save her family by any means necessary, which is what ultimately leads to her being murdered by a country club worker named Heather.


Heather's sixteen year old daughter, Rachel, had died in a car accident after an overdose on pills. According to Heather, Rachel had gotten the pills from a friend who had gotten them from her mom, and the friend's mom had gotten the pills from Scarlett at one of Scarlet's in-home parties that she would often have as a front for the sale of the drugs she would get from Digger.

To avenge the death of her daughter, Heather poisoned Scarlett with rat poison at a cocktail party Scarlett and her husband, Victor, were having at their house. Heather had dumped the rat poison in Scarlett's drink when no one was looking, and she wrote "Now we're even" in lipstick on a napkin that was under Scarlett's drink.

Scarlett was in the middle of reapplying her makeup in her bathroom when the rat poison began to take effect (it first made her start foaming at the mouth). She ran to the stairs to try and get help, but fell over the gates above the stairs onto a table, and the impact of the fall was what ultimately killed her.

After DeathEdit

After Scarlett died, a woman named Patience, who was also a member at the country club Scarlett belonged to and also served on the women's committee with her, told everyone that she'd take over Scarlett's drug business--and also planned on taking over as chair of the women's committee.

When Heather learned this, she felt that no lessons had been learned and decided to murder Patience as well. She stabbed Patience in the abdomen while Patience was at the country club spa for one of their spa treatments.


  • Even though Heather was the murderer in Scarlet Fever, she does seem to be a genuinely kind-hearted person--for the most part. Even if she felt like she had a good reason for killing both Scarlet and Patience, she did seem to feel genuinely bad about what she did--mostly because of how Victor and Oscar, especially Oscar, felt when Scarlet died.
  • After the case was solved, Victor and Oscar revealed that they planned on selling their house and moving to Victor's old hometown (the name is never revealed).

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