Sean Barlow

Portrayed by Michael Hogan
Name Sean Barlow
First appearance Red John's Rules
Status Alive
Last appearance Red John's Rules
Profession Psychic
Carnival worker
Family Kevin Barlow (brother, deceased)

Eileen Barlow Turner (niece, deceased)
Roddy Turner (nephew-in-law)
Caytlin Turner (grand niece)

Sean Barlow is a character who appears in Red John's Rules.

He's a very smart Irish psychic, an acquiantance of Patrick Jane and former friend of Alex Jane; he said that his grandfather and Patrick's great-grandfather moved from Ireland to the USA together.

Barlow, who claims to be a real clairvoyant, said that Alex was a "wicked man" who abused the faith of trustful people, knowing that he and his family didn't have real psychic powers. Furthermore, he claims that Red John has real powers.

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