I just wanted to be clear - Timothy Carter isn't Red John, but is he the person who killed those teens who were "cheap imitations" of Red John? The voice honestly DID sound like Bradley Whitford, on a recent revisitation to that episode, and he references that conversations with Jane (it was hard to talk, it was so crazy last time we met up) - however, he IS pretending to be Red John.

In addition, this guy knows what Patrick's wife and child smelled like - clearly Red John could have told him what to say (that not really being something that proves his identity, more like something designed to enrage Patrick), but it is also possible that he IS the one that killed them  - Red John not doing all his own dirty work, obviously.

I guess I'd say I do think the guy who killed the college kids doing that movie was Timothy, but RJ killed Jane's family. Did he do the smiley face thing when he killed the teens? might be his signature that he did the killing himself.

Do we think that RJ meant for Jane to kill Timothy? Was it just a test to see if Jane had it in him, or was it meant to land Jane in jail?

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