The Caveman

Portrayed by None
Name Real name unknown
First appearance Bloodhounds (nomined)
Status Presumed incarcerated or deceased
Last appearance Bloodhounds
Profession Serial Killer
Family Unknown

The Caveman (real identity unknown) was a serial killer active in California in the early 2000s. The case was brought up in Bloodhounds, when he appeared to resurface. In reality, there are a couple of women, that use the Caveman's modus operandi, as a copycat, for their murder.

Character InformationEdit

The Caveman's weapon of choice was a wooden club, hence his nickname. His victims were brunettes who weighed 120-140 pounds, were bludgeoned on the side of their heads, were killed one week apart and had no connection to each other. The bodies were then left in pairs at junk yards or dump sites. The Caveman had a habit of sending crude poetry and drawings or even animal organs to the authorities. He was never caught and just disappeared one day. In the end of Bloodhounds, Patrick asserts that the Caveman is probably gone for good and is not coming back.

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