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The Mentalist
Title Card
Genre Crime Procedural
Running Time 40-44 Minutes
Creator Bruno Heller
Starring See Cast below
Country of origin United States
Network(s) CBS
Original run September 23, 2008-February 18, 2015
No. of Episodes 151
No. of Seasons 7

The Mentalist is an American crime procedural television series starring Simon Baker as Patrick Jane. The series debuted on September 23, 2008, on CBS.

Season 5 of The Mentalist features the show's 100th episode, entitled Red Dawn.

One of the show's characteristics is that each episode title (except for the Pilot)  contains a reference to the color Red. This changes after the Season 6 episode Red John with other colors referred to in the episode titles besides red (for example; black, grey, white, green, silver, etc).

Cast and CrewEdit


Character Portrayed
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Patrick Jane Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney
Kimball Cho Tim Kang
Wayne Rigsby Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt Amanda Righetti
Dennis Abbott Rockmond Dunbar
Kim Fischer Emily Swallow
Joe Adler Jason Wylie
Josie Loren Michelle Vega
Thomas McAllister/ Red John Xander Berkeley
Virgil Minelli Gregory Itzin
J.J. LaRoche Pruitt Taylor Vince
Madeleine Hightower Aunjanue Ellis
Gale Bertram Michael Gaston
Bret Stiles Malcolm McDowell
Brett Partridge Jack Plotnick
Ray Haffner Reed Diamond
Kristina Frye Leslie Hope
CBI Ron John Troy Donovan
CBI Karl Karl Sonnenberg


Role Crew members
Creator Bruno Heller

Bruno Heller (season 1-6)
Tom Szentgyorgyi (season 7)

Executive Producer

Bruno Heller (season 1-7)
Chris Long (season 2-7)
Daniel Cerone (season 3-6)
Eoghan Mahony (season 5-6)
Tom Szentgyorgyi (season 3-7)
Ashley Gable (season 3-4)

Co-executive Producer

Ken Woodruff (season 6)
Chris Long (season 1)
Eoghan Mahony (season 3-4)
Tom Szentgyorgyi (season 2)
Ashley Gable (season 1-2)
Gary Glasberg (season 1)
Andi Bushell (season 1)

Tom Donaghy (season 7)


Eoghan Mahony (season 1)
Erika Green Swafford (season 6)
Simon Baker (season 5-7)
Michael Weiss (season 6)
Matthew Carlisle (season 3-7)
Alex Berger (season 7)

Charles Goldstein (season 1-2)

Ken Woodruff (season 4)


Erika Green Swafford (season 5)
Michael Weiss (season 5)
John J. Scherer (season 4-7)
Ken Woodruff (season 2-3)
Jordan Harper (season 6)
David Appelbaum (season 6)
Nina Corrado (season 5-7)
Leanne Moore (season 1-2)
Peter Lauritson (season 4-7)

Production Manager John J. Scherer (season 3-7)
Leanne Moore (season 1-2)
Composer Blake Neely (season 1-7)
Technical Advisor Karl Sonnenberg (season 1-7)

US ratingsEdit

Season Ep. Timeslot (EST) Premiere Finale Rank Viewers


1 23

Tuesday 9:00pm

September 23, 2008 May 19, 2009 #6 17.52
2 23 Thursday 10:00pm September 24, 2009 May 20, 2010 #10 15.37
3 24 Thursday 10:00pm September 23, 2010 May 19, 2011 #9 15.24
4 24 Thursday 10:00pm September 22, 2011 May 17, 2012 #12 14.57
5 22 Sunday 10:00pm September 30, 2012 May 5, 2013 #24 11.82
6 22 Sunday 10:00pm September 29, 2013 May 18, 2014 #26


7 13

Sunday 9:00pm (Nov. 30- Dec. 28, 2014)

Wednesday 8:00pm (Jan. 7- Feb. 18, 2015)

November 30, 2014 February 18, 2015 TBA TBA

List of episodesEdit

DVD ReleaseEdit

See complete DVD series of The Mentalist
DVD Name # of
U.S. Release Date
The Mentalist: The Complete First Season 23 September 22, 2009
The Mentalist: The Complete Second Season 23 September 21, 2010
The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season 24 September 20, 2011
The Mentalist: The Complete Fourth Season 24 September 18, 2012
The Mentalist: The Complete Fifth Season 22 September 17, 2013
The Mentalist: The Complete Sixth Season 22 September 30, 2014
The Mentalist: The Complete Seventh Season 13 September 2015

DVD Special FeaturesEdit

Season 1

  • Meet Cast and Creators to Uncover EVIDENCE OF A HIT SERIES
  • CRACKING THE CRYSTAL BALL: MENTALIST VS. PSYCHIC The Question of Superior Mental Ability vs. Keen Observation
  • Unaired Scenes on 3 Key Episodes
  • Gag Reel

Season 2

  • MENTALISM: A SUBLIMINAL ART- Join Real-Life Mentalist Luke Jermay, Interacting with the Cast and Creators and Revealing Actual Techniques the Show Explores
  • THE ART OF THE MENTALIST WITH CHRIS LONG- Executive Producer Long Joins Jermay to Explore How Mentalism's Subliminal Art is Woven into the Series via an Analysis of the Season Opener, Redemption
  • LOST EVIDENCE: Unaired Scenes on 5 Key Episodes

Season 3

  • THE MENTALIST: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER- RED JOHN An Expert Panel of World-Class Criminologists Devises an Offender Profile Taking Us Inside the Mind of Red John.
  • "RED MOON" DIRECTED BY SIMON BAKER The Series Star Provides His Unique Perspective From Both Sides of the Camera
  • LOST EVIDENCE Unaired Scenes

Season 4

  • CBI: BEHIND THE BADGE FEATURETTE- The LAPD Homicide Task Force profiles their counterparts at the CBI

Season 5

  • THE ARTISTRY OF ACTION: FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN- Executive Producer Bruno Heller and Chris Long share the secrets behind choreographing high-impact stunts.
  • ARRESTING EXCITEMENT: KEEPING IT REAL WITH THE CBI- Tim Kang and Owain Yeoman are put through their paces by Police Technical Advisor Karl Sonnenberg to reveal the effort and integrity that go into training the agents to "think like cops."

Season 6

  • PATRICK JANE: REDEEMED, RECOVERED, RESTORED- Series Creator Bruno Heller reveals the mythology of Red John.

Season 7

  • TBA

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