• (I know we all only want to talk about Red John right now since we are so close to the reveal, but I wanted to go back on an older episode and raise an interesting question)

    So I was watching my favorite episode, Devil's Cherry, again tonight.  It's my favorite because I love the duo of Patrick Jane and Charlotte Jane in this.  Anyways at the end of Devil's Cherry patrick is seen pulling leaves out of a brown bag with a tea apparatus like that seen with the Belladonna in it earlier.  He made some tea with this and quitely in his CBI room started to sip the tea.  The brown bag and tea apparatus is something I don't we've ever seen Patrick use before in The Mentalist to drink tea with so it seems a little sketchy to me like it might be the belladonna leaves again.

    My question is, do you think he went and got some more belladonna to try and hallucinate his daughter again? Or was it just regular tea? If it was belladonna, do you think it was just another one time thing to remember her or do you think he started a silent addiction that was never shown again on screen?

    Give me your thoughts!

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