• The main concept of the show was of Red John. Most episodes up until now were focused on Red John, be it his backround, who he is etc. If you ask me, these were the most boring episodes. This show was appealing to me due to the 'mentalist' concept. The way Patrick Jane jokes around, doesn't follow rules yet manages to catch the bad guy, whilst maintaing a family like relationship with his team. I hated all of the Red John episodes, because in all, Jane was sad and boring and it was really depressing to watch. Although I  do admit the mystery of who Red John is was really intriguing.

    Now that Red John is out of the picture it will be really good to watch the show without the doom and gloom. It will be good to see the relationship between Jane and Lisbon blossom (hopefully), although maybe at a slow pace. It is also interesting to see where Lisbon fits in, since she is no longer a leader, what will her new role be? Most of the Jisbon relationship centered around Lisbon telling Jane off (which was funny) so how will their relationship develop now that there is no superiority.

    It will also be great if Van Pelt and Rigsby stayed in the show (I know that's unlikely) but maybe they could come in a few episodes every now and again.

    I hate this new Agent Fischer though. I hope no love story develops between her and Jane, I think that would ruin it.

    I heard that this may be the last season. I hope not. The Mentalist can really progress without the Red John concept, which although it was intriguing, it was also really depressing. Hopefully now we will get to watch a show about mystery and murder with that bit of fun and comedy that is provided by Jane and even Lisbon.

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    • This show's limit now is "good". Before Season 6 it's minimum was "good".

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    • I largely agree with these sentiments; the best episodes were those of intrigue.  Storylines with fellow mentalists or teasing Walter Mashburn or the simpleton who turned out to be not so simple.  Great acting too.  Whereas the Red John thing was a bulldozer.

      The US studio thing means this probably will be the last series.  Enjoy it whilst it runs.  And episode names other than red... I can see: Yellow Ribbon, White Lies and Eau-de-Nil Deep Water.  P'raps not the last one.

      And I have to show my ignorance:  shipping, as in (I wish these characters to be in a romantic relation)ship.  Why shipping?  Rather than romancing, pairing, going-steadying?  Shipping is a normal English word and it sounds as if you want these people parcelled up and sent abroad on a banana boat.  What about "planeing" (just showing the essentials), "training" (not very good at dating) or "carring" (not quite caring enough).

      Glad I got that off my chest!!!!!

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    • You know, I completely agree with you on most points, however I did enjoy the Red John concept for a few reasons. Seeing Jane in a vulnerable and depressed state showed us that he was human, aside from his happy-go-lucky, goofy, stubborn smart self, it showed us there is another side to Jane, a deep, dark, sometimes thoughtless Jane.

      I am not completely loving the FBI seen, it's not sticking with me, I miss seeing the entire cast together and I will miss Van and Rigsby, however not to a degree it would ruin things for me since I am heavily focus on Janes and Lisbons characters, but Van and Rig fit the cast so well, I feel where the characters are, aspecailly Cho, is out of their normal context.

      I don't like fischer, she just gets completely in between Jane and Lisbon, I don't know if that's intentional, but I really don't like it, since I am completely involved in the developing relationship of Jane and Lisbon. She is always there, the chemistry between J and L is disappearing, and it makes no sence, being so close and sharing so many moments how can things just go in this direction, but it's still to early to tell.

      I think there is a TON of potential for the show now, I just hope they don't push this FBI thing to much, it's ruining the atmosphere of the show, and the new cast is pretty plain, but on a lighter note, the show has more room to grow now then it ever has, after all, Jane can move on from Red John now, and there is so much that can now happen.

      Heres to hoping the next episodes are what we all expect, and to more great seasons.

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