Tommy Lisbon

Portrayed by Henry Thomas
Name Thomas "Tommy" Lisbon
First appearance Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien?
Status Alive
Last appearance White Orchids
Profession Bounty Hunter
Family Unnamed Mother (†)
Unnamed Father (†)
Teresa Lisbon (sister)
Patrick Jane (brother in-law)
James "Jimmy" Lisbon (brother)

Stan Lisbon (brother)
Annabeth "Annie" Lisbon (daughter)
Patrick and Teresa's child (unborn niece/nephew)

Tommy Lisbon is the younger brother of Teresa Lisbon. He is a single parent and has a fourteen year old daughter named Annie Teresa Lisbon. Lisbon was raised in Chicago. His mother was a nurse, and his father a firefighter. His mother was killed by a drunk driver (Red Badge). After his mother's death, his father became an abusing alcoholic who beat his children. He died years later, leaving him and his brothers to be taken care of by Teresa. Sometime when he was older, he had a falling out with his brothers (Code Red). He eventually became a bounty hunter, taking his daughter with him along his "arrests." Annie wants to become a police officer just like her aunt because she gets to beat up bad guys...and is totally kicking ass Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien.


Teresa LisbonEdit

Although Teresa and Tommy may not always get along, Tommy has always looked up to his sister and she has always been proud of him. It is unsure what had happened previously between the two, but she "forgives him for whatever." Probably after the death of their parents, the family had tried to keep close, but had falling outs. Teresa doesn't really approve of her brother's job, but tries to support him.