Towlen Morning

TowlenMorning dead
Portrayed by Unknown
Name Towlen Morning
First appearance His Red Right Hand
Status Deceased
Last appearance His Red Right Hand
Profession Family doctor
Family Unknown

Dr. Towlen Morning was a victim of Red John in "His Red Right Hand". His body is found in a cemetery, shot into the head, frozen and, naked, was put in a sitting position, under a statue. Yellow roses are before him.

He was the family doctor of Carter Peak, one of Red John's early victims together with his wife Janet. Red John killed Morning and agent Marlon Hicks, a member of Sam Bosco's team, who was going to interrogate the doctor, presumably because there was evidence on Carter Peak's body which could have led to Red John. He was 55 years old.

Morning and Red JohnEdit

Morning could have something to do with Red John (he's on a list of suspects by Patrick Jane in Black Cherry). Jane probably met Morning several years ago. He's marked as "Deceased?" in the list even though he was clearly proven dead in His Red Right Hand.

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