• Bhijag

    Red John snapshot

    May 2, 2013 by Bhijag


    I'm sorry, it's nonsense what I've written.... Forget about it.

    there is something I have to share with you, guys. :)

    I am pretty sure I have found a snapshot of Red John in the Canadian Red John's Rules Promo.

    Here is the link with my comment:

    Look at Jane's face between 0:05 and 0:06. It's clearly visible and clearly a face. You might have to try to pause at the right moment for two or three times, but then you can see a male face with dark hair just inside Jane's face. It's only for a couple of frames visible. Definitely less than half a second. I think Heller said that we might get a shot of RJ. This could be exactly that.

    It must be on purpose and it kind of looks like Tommy Volker. If Tommy Vo…

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