I'm sorry, it's nonsense what I've written.... Forget about it.

there is something I have to share with you, guys. :)

I am pretty sure I have found a snapshot of Red John in the Canadian Red John's Rules Promo.

Here is the link with my comment:

Look at Jane's face between 0:05 and 0:06. It's clearly visible and clearly a face. You might have to try to pause at the right moment for two or three times, but then you can see a male face with dark hair just inside Jane's face. It's only for a couple of frames visible. Definitely less than half a second. I think Heller said that we might get a shot of RJ. This could be exactly that.

It must be on purpose and it kind of looks like Tommy Volker. If Tommy Volker is Red John, it might have been just a trick that he got arrested because now he can't be a suspect for Patrick.

Is Red John watching Jane on a screen? There could be a camera inside the room.

I'm looking forward to your theories! :)

Here is my snapshot:

RJ face

Red John's face inside Jane's face

edit: You're so right of course. That's Lisbon. It's funny that I couldn't think of the easiest solution. However RJ watching Jane is especially after the Season Finale interesting.

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