So far Tommy Volker had appeared in three episodes, each demonstrating his propensity for violence every single time. In his first apperarance he is revealed to be responsible for the death of an entire village of people as well as a reporter named Cassandra Floods. He later has his assisstant, Amanda Shaw, killed when she tryed to betray him and arranged it to look like it was Lisbon's fault. When Lisbon gets close to Volker's hitman, he has him killed along with two innocent civilians.

Then a body is found where Tommy Volker is the prime suspect and Volker manages to stay ahead of the investigation the whole time. It is revealed he had a mole in the form of Brenda Shettrick and later tried to kill a kid who saw him order the execution of one of his victims. He is stopped and eventaully arrested by Lisbon while Jane rescues the kid and returns him to his mother. I want to know if this story is going to appear in another episode to fully conclude the story. Brenda's role as the mole was explained briefly but the story was never concluded. I want to know if Brenda will ever return to explain her role in the murders and if the team will go after her too.

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