• Justinterest

    Dear Mr Heller,

    we (Bob-Kirkland-Fan and justinterest) are two great fans of your series "The Mentalist" and would like to thank you for five years of thrill and pounding heart.

    Your series is magnificient and we hope to see more than six seasons of it. We are sure, you and your team had many fun during the shooting of the episodes, but we as your fans had more fun watching it.

    We would also like to say thanks to all actors who do a very great job without exception.

    We are looking forward to watching more episodes of "The Mentalist" and Red John and we wish good luck to you and your whole crew. We are sure you will have much more thrilling ideas than we developed and posted on the german mentalist-wiki-page.

    Yours sincerely

    Bob-Kirkland-Fan and …

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