In my previous blog post, Three conclusions about Red John's Rules, I explained my reasons for thinking that Red John was not in Patrick Jane's list of suspects, and why he is most probably Jane himself or CBI Ron. But, that post was written before reading this interview between Bruno Heller and TV Guide where the creator of The Mentalist stated that Red John is INDEED one of the seven suspects.

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 9.36.05 PM

Final Seven Suspects List

In some way, this is dissapointing. I had a whole theory to prove that Red John is Patrick Jane, CBI Ron (who now we know that is just CBI Ron ¬¬), or even in a twisted way, Lisbon; but, I will leave this for a future article, now I want to share some points of why I think the list of 7 suspects can be further reduced until find out who of them is most probably Red John.

  1. Bret Stiles. He is very smart, an excellent manipulator, his followers see him as a god, and is a member of Visualize (the leader). But, he doesn't fit very well within the Rosalind Harker's description of Roy Tagliaferro (it's difficult to imagine him as her lover) nor with the few Red John appearances on screen. He is almost bald, and Rosalind said that Roy has straight hair. The man who killed Rebecca also has more hair. Finally, the actor who plays him is 69 years old, what means he was 44 years old during the Ellinston barn murders in 1988. Too old to be called "a kid". DISCARDED.
  2. Rsan

    Bertram is much more taller than Jane... and is bald.

    Gale Bertram. If he is Red John, it would explain the events of Strawberries and Cream: how Red John noticed about Jane's trap, how he manipulated Jane to go after the real Red John (Bertram himself) and later after O'Laughlin (conveniently leading the conversation), and how Tim Carter knew where he must to be. But, he also is bald, and if the man who killed Rebecca was Bertram, the escorts would have reacted to his presence. And he is over 6 feet. DISCARDED.
  3. Raymond Haffner. He fits but is too obvious. Like I said about Kirkland in my previous article, his role in the series is most likely as a red herring. It must be noted also that @mentalistwriter said in September 15, 2011, that Red John has already appeared in previous episodes (at one moment of the first 3 seasons), but Ray's first appearance was until Season 4. However, he is almost certainly an accomplice of Red John. DISCARDED.
  4. Reede Smith. I will say it straight: he is fat. :-P I think that if Red John was fat, Rosalind would have mentioned it, but she limited herself to say that Roy is "not muscular but not soft", what makes me think more about someone thin, or at least thinner than Reede. In his appearances on screen, Red John is clearly a thin man. And Reede's first appearance was until Season 5. DISCARDED.
  5. Robert Kirkland. I keep the statements I made ​​about him in my previous article. DISCARDED.
  6. Sheriff Thomas McAllister. He fits, and is almost a "John Doe". Despite he is a boring and too random option, strictly I found no reason to discard him. I would need to watch again the episode where he appears to see if I can find something in particular. POSSIBLE.
  7. Partridge pilot

    Smiley faces.

    Brett Partridge. I know most of you think that Brett is our guy. And I think so too. Of the seven suspects, he is the one who has more chances, and the only one who fits perfectly within the description of "Waldo" that @mentalistwriter gave about Red John in the tweet I linked above (Ron fit even better, but...). I also noticed something revealing during his brief appearance in Red John's Rules: when he is talking about Red John with his colleague, he said "I worked Red John's murder scenes since he began", contradicting his own words in Pilot when he implied that it was the first time he had seen a Red John's smiley face. And, just when he says that (in Red John's Rules), you can hear a sinister sound playing in the background (pay attention to this video at 2:36). Red John revealing himself? POSSIBLE.

Then, I have narrowed down the list from 7 suspects to only two: Sheriff Thomas McAllister and Brett Partridge. I think I not need to say that all my bets are with Partridge. What do you think?


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