Need a refresher course before Season 5 premiers on September 30th? Here ya go...

Season 1


We are introduced to the mentalist Patrick Jane, a master manipulator of thought and behavior and a celebrity psychic. After his wife and child are murdered by the elusive serial killer, Jane admits that his psychic act was fake and begins to use his skills of observation and analysis to bring killers to justice. He joins an elite team from the California Bureau of Investigation and begins catching several criminals, but only one criminal drives his insane focus, and that is Red John.

Season 2


Patrick Jane continues his streak of catching criminals while ignoring protocol and maintaining an unprecedented level of self-confidence. Sam Bosco replaces Teresa Lisbon as the lead agent on the Red John case, but him and agent Marlon Hicks are murdered by the killer. Lisbon carries on, openly resisting having Patrick Jane in her unit, but admitting his usefulness. We also learn about the troubled past of her tragic family history, and also that agent Kimball Cho was involved in a gang as a youth. In the office romance department, the relationship between Grace Van Pelt and Wayne Rigsby heats up, but it begins to threaten their work. At the end of the season, Jane begins dating a fellow psychic, Kristina Frye, but their rapport is interrupted by another Red John appearance, and Jane lets the killer slip through his fingers.

Season 3

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In this season, Red John strikes even deeper into the California Bureau of Investigation and tension heats up from within. The missing Kristina Frye turns up dead and is no longer any help in finding the killer. Patrick Jane begins to realize that Red John is closer than the could have imagined after a CBI agent is framed as the killer and a homicide suspect is burned in his jail cell. The team learns that Red John has a mole, and they discover it to be FBI agent Craig O'Laughlin. In the season finale, Jane kills a man named Timothy Carter, who he thinks to be Red John.

Season 4

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The season begins with Patrick Jane in prison, but the jury finds him not guilty of the murder. It's bittersweet when he then learns that the man he killed was not Red John. The hunt for the killer continues in roller coaster fashion as the team breaks up, gets back together, and Jane considers giving up all together. Then he meets a beautiful young accomplice of Red John named Lorelei Martins, who is arrested at season's end.

Season 5

Lorelei Martins will be continuously interrogated, Patrick Jane reveals his darker side, and the team gets closer to Red John, but you should know that series creator Bruno Heller has said that the killer will not be revealed for at least 2 more seasons! He has also shared with the press that in the off-chance that the show is cancelled early (knock on wood), they are prepared to wrap up the story efficiently.

The season kicks off with the CBI having to team up with the FBI for a case, and the appearance of a young girl who claims to be Jane's late daughter.

The Mentalist Season 5 Promo 1 (HD)00:32

The Mentalist Season 5 Promo 1 (HD)

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