The premiere of Season 5, The Crimson Ticket, aired on Sunday night, and it picked up right where we left off, with the interrogation of Red John's messenger, Lorelei Martins, who is played by Emmanuelle Chriqui, who in this role is beautiful, mysterious, and dark. Very dark. If you haven't seen the new episode yet, watch it here before giving us your review.

Did you like the Season 5 premiere?

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One problem I personally have with shows that are structured like The Mentalist, where each episode is a stand alone story and it's not necessary to see them all in order, is that it's inherently difficult to develop longer, more interesting story arcs. It's very common with police procedural shows, but I think The Mentalist has been doing a great job of being harmonious. The show usually balances its captivating stand-alone crime stories with the all-important hunt for Red John. This episode, in particular, was the epitome of that balance. Both the murder case in this episode and the progress with Lorelei/Red John were interesting and got the right amount of screen time.

Crimson ticket yannick

The case involved a double murder and a winning lottery ticket. Meanwhile, action in the interrogation room with Lorelei was dramatic, and the build up of tension between the CBI and the FBI (who have a Red John mole) over who got to keep her was well-played. It culminated in a hearing where Jane is asked to restrain his usual self, but of course, ends up pulling a fast one with the red glass bead. After the CBI is rewarded custody, we get a double twist ending with the reveal of the lottery ticket killer and the disappearance of Lorelei.

What part of the episode was the most surprising and/or entertaining?

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