• SoulSpirit336


    i wrote this blog to post some things who are a bit quirky to me and maybe to others.

    When the body from Lorelei was found the Smiley over her was different i think.
    All other Smileys i see was made with three fingers from right hand(as Partridge says in one episode) but that smiley looks like it was made with a Full hand or an brush.

    And the other thing is when Jared Renfrew get murdered the Agents dont see the smiley at the first.
    I can remember that PJ mean the first thing you see is the smiley and you feel dread. Then you found the body.
    I think he sayd a bit different but i hope you understand what i mean.
    Only the audience see the smiley in the mirror not the agents.

    Maybe im wrong with some things but this blog is here to clear up some …

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