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Virgil Minelli
Portrayed by
Gregory Itzin
Virgil Minelli
First appearance
Alive (retired)
Last appearance
CBI Director & Special Agent in Charge (2001-2009)
One ex-wife; Sister who lives in Hawaii

Virgil Minelli was Supervising Agent and the CBI's boss and as such Lisbon's superior throughout the seasons 1 and 2 until he retired in the season 2 episode His Red Right Hand. He was also director of CBI, as he tell in Red Dawn. He was the chief from about 2001 to 2009. He succeeded by Gale Bertram (director) and Madeleine Hightower (chief of Sacramento's office).

Lisbon reports to him, and he reports to the Attorney General. He behaves in quite a paternal way towards Lisbon at times. He has mentioned an ex-wife, and a sister who lives in Hawaii.

In the season 5 episode Red Dawn, a flashback to Patrick's first encounter with the CBI in 2004, Minelli is already in charge of Lisbon and her team. To appease Patrick, who had been hit by one of

Minelli and Jane's first meeting.

Lisbon's colleagues, Hannigan,  and avoid a law suit he agrees to let Patrick look into the Red John case files and urges Lisbon to please Patrick. After Patrick solved the first case for the CBI Minelli hires Jane as an independent consultant. Later on he receives a call from FBI agent Alexa Shultz who informs him that Patrick was hospitalised in an insane asylum during the previous year. Minelli finally agrees to inform the FBI on Red John's case.

Minelli retired following the murders of Sam Bosco and his team by Red John's accomplice Rebecca.

In season 3, Patrick asks Minelli, who has developed something of a drinking problem, for help in finding out what LaRoche knows about the death of Todd Johnson. Using various favors and back channels, Minelli gets LaRoche's short list of suspects for him. Partly as a way to say thanks, Patrick sets him up for a date with a woman from AA.

Behind the ScenesEdit

It has been speculated by some fans that Minelli is Red John, and he is in Jane's List of Suspects. But he had alibi in the murders of Jared Renfrew and the hooker, (uncorroborated) and Maya Plaskett.

In Russet Potatoes (S01E18), it is mentioned that Patrick Jane hypnotised Minelli into quitting smoking.

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