Yuri Bajoran

Portrayed by Alon Aboutboul
Name Yuri Bajoran
First appearance Red Hot
Status Alive (Arrested)
Last appearance Red Hot
Profession Billionarie
Former secret agent of KGB
Family Marie Bajoran (wife)

Yuri Bajoran appears in Red Hot.

He's a billionaire, former KGB agent, who married Marie Bajoran, the former fiance of Walter Mashburn, his personal enemy and competitor in affairs.

Bajoran, bankrupt because of a Mashburn's scam, is forced to sell his helicopter company to Mashburn himself.

He organizes, with his wife, the plan to kill Walter and run off with her with a great deal of money. Bajoran set the bomb but didn't realize Walter stopped to talk to Teresa Lisbon, so the plan was ruined, but Bajoran's security chief was killed.

Bajoran stages his fake death, and trys to kill Mashburn again, but Patrick Jane discovers and has him and his wife arrested, having realized that he was alive, seeing his wigs used at Bajoran's home.

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